Spiritual Journey

Anything You Can Dream Of

There is one power in the Universe and it is a power of good. The way in which the individual and the collective mind of human thought uses this power will direct the physical experience we have in this life. The more we understand this Absolute Law the greater our experience of good will be made manifest. Current events in our world appear to be overwhelmingly reflecting the negative use of the power we tap into through our thoughts. Hate, anger and separation is being used at every level of our society. Far too often the use is meant to redirect the cause, blame or responsibility to an "other".

In 2007 I invited a small group from our Center to join me on a journey to Machu Picchu. A physically challenging trip of three nights and four days to climb thousands of feet into the mountains of Peru. The sustaining prayer that we held individually and collectively was that Everyone would make it to the final destination. Facing the challenges of altitude, climate, physical age and weariness, we reached our goal. Though it often did not look pretty or feel comfortable, we pressed forward. Encouraging each other, laughing at our foolishness and questioning our reason for doing this, the result was a dream made manifest.

We all had this dream. Together we moved forward in times of uncertainty, trusting our guides, both physical and spiritual, we believed we could do this, and do it we did. The final step of this long journey is well planned out by the guides, unknown to us as the first time. Yet, there we were at the break of dawn rising over the final step into this ancient site. Below us was a dream come true. We had arrived and laying before us was a most spectacular view with many hidden mysteries. Life can present Itself in many ways, but what you dare to dream of can be your greatest joy.

Choose in each moment to dream of a greater joy, a sense of love, more abundance. Though it may not be immediate, trust and know that it is available if you are willing to dream of it. Begin each day with a dream of something greater. Dream of peace on Earth. Dream of abundance and good for all. Dream of a world that works for the good of all.