The New Alternative Reality for America

The New Alternative Reality for America
The obvious lack of coherent and inspiring rhetoric from the recent inaugural address demonstrates that this President is not at the level of prophecy or vision that earmarked Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan or even John F. Kennedy’s call to action. It did however set many into action. Based on unrevealed evidence, points of controversy and huge unrealistic goals this speech fueled the flame of fear, broadened the gap of separation and drove a wedge of mistrust between everyone who is struggling to survive in a chaotic world. The 99% of us who are striving to provide a decent life for our self and our loved ones cannot isolate from the rest of the world and then benefit at the expense of others.
This is not okay because what America needs, and the world, is clarity at the level of leadership. There is a need for a call to action that bridges our differences in the stale political arguments which have consumed partisan extremes. There is a need for strengthening the will of the people over the weakening of our representatives and senators through the greed of those seeking absolute power for individual self-riches and fame without care or compassion for others.
The problems facing our country is the failure of the power in Washington, D.C. The transfer of power back to the people is not brought about by exacerbating the cost people are already burden with. The people, as indicated in the popular vote, did not favor hate, bullying or negative tweets. The average individual is generally doing all they can to make a living and provide for their loved ones. The establishment of our Constitution, Article 1, section 1 states, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” My understanding of this is to allow the people to have a representative voice in how we are governed. It is incomprehensible to believe that anyone individual could be knowledgeable in every issue or concern for a nation of this magnitude. Therefore, there is a required trust and willingness to expect our elected officials to hear us and speak clearly for our concerns.
The pressure elected officials must endure to maintain sensitivity for the voice of one, hundreds, or even millions of voices is daunting. Compounded by the costs of a campaign, be informed, stand in integrity, resist temptation and find relationship with family & friends, the representative must navigate the process of and hold strong to a clear vision of the prize they represent. We demand much of them, more than most are willing to endure. The process is important. The process is how we govern. Denial, refusal and stacking the deck only serves the self-interest of absolute power. Leaders that can unite people understand that words matter, not divisive rhetoric or mocking. Uniting people requires listening to others, respecting they have a view that may be different, then working towards agreement where we can and striving to create balance through the process of governing, seeking success and not putting any one person, place or thing first, above or superior to another. United means we must be in this together, all of it, all the time.

Retired pastor rides second wave of service

Words of Faith

Is there life after retirement? What happens if you fail at retirement and want to get back into the world of work? Confronted with the 1969 Peggy Lee hit ageless question, “Is that all there is?”, I began to reconsider my choice to retire.
On August 14, 2016 I retired from the position of Spiritual Leader/Senior Minister following 10 years of service. The Center for Spiritual Living Palm Springs has served the Palm Springs community since January 1956 and in its current location since 1986. The Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of our movement, was headquartered in Los Angeles and had Peggy Lee as one of his followers and he chartered this Center 4 years before his death.
Dr. Holmes wrote in his Science of Mind text, 1938, “To suppose that one must retire from the world to be spiritual is one of the greatest possible mistakes. This is directly opposed to the self-evident truth that Spirit enjoys Itself only in Its own works, which is Its self-manifestation. We enter into the Spirit of Life only as we enter into the spirit of living.”
By no means does this mean we should need to work until we die. It does suggest that as we enter in the spirit of living that we ought to be engaged in a creative activity to fulfill our purpose of life. Seeking a passion within your daily activity is vital to living a healthy and joy-filled life. Whatever level of contribution one can make to the world is an action that fulfills meaning and purpose to the individual.
Our community is populated by seniors and retirees. Many have the ability to leave the career and working world and hopefully find joy and purpose on the golf course or tennis court. Others may need to supplement a minimal retirement fund to make ends meet. In all of these groups there are those seeking purpose in life, beyond the boredom of being retired.
I have found myself to be one of those who feel they still have more to offer. So, what does a retired Pastor do to express the spirit of living? Those Pastors seeking more purpose and meaning, wanting to continue to give in service become interim. A temporary role of service for a congregation seeking their next full-time spiritual leader. An opportunity to serve for a period of months, giving the years of experience to guide a congregation to its next level.
Blessed to have realized this in less than 6 months of retirement, I am again moving with Spirit in a new purpose. My first journey will be with the Center for Spiritual Living Menifee Valley. I hope to bring my experience and expertise for guiding them to a new level. There is always more and as we often quoted in the 60’s, “Keep on Keeping On!

The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Kearney lives in Cathedral City. He can be reached by clicking the “Contact” page in the menu above.