5 Gifts

What the Experts Say About the 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life Program

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center
“From the inside-out, Diane gracefully initiates her readers into an integrated approach and manifestation of a life of abundance.”

Rev. Edwin Gaines, Unity Minister,
says of Diane’s work: “She offers us a fresh and vibrant way to look at time-honored prosperity principles. She helps us see with new eyes, to act with a deeper understanding.”

Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, Center for Spiritual Living
"5 Gifts for an Abundant life, by Diane harmony offers the inspiring message that we each have a choice in how we live our life. Our daily conditions can be managed by brining into our consciousness the understanding of abundance and its rightful place in every area of our affairs. Along with the study program (8 week course), 5 Gifts is a guidebook of proven principles that will support you in creating the abundant life you were born to live."


Example of a Mind of the Heart Map

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Are You Ready?

Are you ready to embody the principles of the 5 GIFTS as never before to increase your wealth?

Are you ready to awaken to the many partnerships waiting to serve you now that your giving up trying to “do it all alone?”

Are you ready to feel energetically empowered in new and meaningful ways?

Are you ready to teach these powerful principles of ancient wisdom to others?

Facilitator's Guide & Separate Student Workbook

About the Course

This course is designed to empower the participants by teaching them how to BE a Consciousness of Wealth. This course is presented as an opening to a rich, rewarding transformative experience.

The course includes a Facilitators Guide and separate Student Workbook that accompanies the 5 Gifts text and CD of 6 Guided Meditations.

A number of experiential exercises are included in the program with instructions in the facilitators guide as to how to present them, including: Mind of the Heart Map, Writing a Forgiveness Letter, Visioning, and more.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text: 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life by Diane Harmony

Accompanying Guided Meditation CD:  5 Gifts for an Abundant Life Guided Meditations

5 Gifts Guided Meditations – Listen to a Sample Below!

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You'll be able to repeatedly listen to affirming guided meditations by Rev. Diane Harmony, Rev. Dr. Michael Kearney, and Licensed Spiritual Practitioners.

These six meditations, constituting 72 minutes, are designed to guide readers into the experience and subsequent embodiment of five spiritual principles and practices that will assist them in revealing an Abundance Consciousness that is already within them.

These meditations remind us to move from limiting beliefs that no longer serve us to empowering beliefs that redirect us back to the Source of Abundance within us.

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