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Rev. Dr. Michael J. Kearney works with individuals and groups in creating healthy and vibrant, meaningful lives. If you are seeking inspiration on your spiritual journey to authentic leadership, Dr. Michael provides non-judgemental guidance to nurture your inner self, so that you can live an inspired, mature and enriched life expressing the vision within you.

Awaken the leader within you through a mentoring program that involves deepening your level of wisdom, clarifying your vision, and maturing aspects of yourself that may need attention. 

Rev. Dr. Michael J. Kearney provides mentoring to individuals and groups in making changes in their lives or group relationships by mindfully attending to their inner vision while developing a deepened consciousness through a variety of spiritual and psychological practices. 

Dr. Michael will assist you in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes. As beliefs, perspectives and attitudes change, this changes the consciousness of the individual and new conditions and situations are attracted into your life. In addition, he will assist you in making ongoing changes in your consciousness and aligning your thoughts, feeling and actions with new empowering beliefs. It is this alignment that calls forth the Power within yourself.

Rev. Dr. Michael J. Kearney can re-train you to intuitively respond from an inner depth within yourself, where your core beliefs, values, goals, and true intentions are aligned with Clarity, Peace, and Love.

Dr. Michael’s leadership process will assist you, the leader, in evolving and heightening your inner intuition, developing skills, and aligning the behaviors necessary to take yourself and your organizations to the next level.

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